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    Seeking list of people in Parkland operating room


      The Warren Report says a list of people in the operating room at Parkland where JFK was being worked on was made. Where is that list? I am particularly looking for evidence that Phyllis Hall, RN was there.

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          Rebecca Collier Ranger

          Dear Mr. Gridley,


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          We have not been able to locate the list you seek in the Warren Commission records. If you could provide a citation of where in the Warren Commission Report that it appears, we will undertake another search. The Price Exhibits in Volume XXI of the Warren Commission Report appear to be a list of the depositions of the Parkland Memorial Hospital staff, but that is just a listing of staff and does not indicate whether they were in the operating room. President Kennedy ‘s physician, Dr. George Burkley, and at least one or two Secret Service Agents, as well as several persons other than hospital staff, were present in Trauma Room 1 with him at some point.


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