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    Tell us what you think! Recruiting for user research Tues., Dec. 16

    Lauren Algee Tracker

      We've had a few user research spots open up for tomorrow, Tuesday, December 16 at 2pm and 3pm. Please visit this link to sign up for one of these time slots -- first come first serve.  I'll respond with a confirmation to the first respondent for each appointment.


      User research is an important part of the ongoing and iterative development of the By the People platform, Concordia. As we continue to build, it’s important to hear from volunteers who have transcribed and reviewed items! Can you set aside 45 minutes for a user research interview? Here's how it will work:


      PICK A TIME: Select a time when you are available to talk with us.

      RECEIVE CONFIRMATION EMAIL: This will include a WebEx meeting link.

      CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT: You must respond to the email to confirm your participation!!

      LOG ON: At the appointment time, you’ll need to be on a device with internet access, a modern browser (such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox), a keyboard, and a mouse.

      SHARE YOUR SCREEN: We’ll send you a link to an online meeting and ask you to share your screen with us.

      TALK TO US: We’ll ask questions and have you show us how you’d accomplish different tasks.


      That’s it! We promise, all the feedback you give us will be used to make future versions of By The People better.


      If you don’t receive a confirmation email or don't see any available times, the appointments have been filled – but we appreciate your willingness to share your experience with us!  We're always eager to hear your feedback (good or bad!) here in History Hub.