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    Looking for crew lists for fishing vessels out of Boston early 1900s


      My grandfather, Ernest John Parsons, was a fisherman and Captain in Boston in the early 1900s.  He came to Boston from Canada in 1900.  I can place him on the Ethel B. Penny, the Pontiac, the Acushla, the Killarney and the Lark.  He might also have been on the Bertha M. Bailey, the Seaconnet, or any other boats captained by Enos Nickerson or one of the Penny brothers. 


      Family oral history suggests he left St. John's NL in 1894 with  Nova Scotian captain to whom he apprenticed until he became a captain.  I want to see if I can put him on the same boat with either Captain Enos Nickerson or Captain Austin Penny.


      Any ideas?