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    Where to view microfilm copies of Harrison & McKinley papers?

    Janice Dougall Wayfarer

      Jason Atkinson and the angels at History Hub have provided me with invaluable links to documents for my research on my great, great grandfather Allan H Dougall. Thank you so much! Though nothing was found on his time working in the Philippines on behalf of the US Government, you unearthed a treasure! His obituary for those years says he traveled to every US state and territory, so it would be fun to learn more about that work, too.


      I would be very interested in obtaining copies of the documents you found in the Harrison and McKinley papers. You said "The Harrison and McKinley Papers have been microfilmed and the film is widely distributed throughout the United States. Feel free to contact us for a list of locations." Please do share a list of those locations. Hopefully there is one closer to home (in Los Angeles County) than the D.C. manuscript library. Thank you again!