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        Sharon McKinley Adventurer

        Hi, I'm here now! Sorry to have been around, but it's that time of year. I will check everything out.

        Sharon McKinkley

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          Sharon McKinley Adventurer

          I'm on it.

          By the way, regarding translations, read this thread. If there is nothing later than this in here, we are not supposed to translate IN the document at all, because--well, a lot of reasons, but just think of the person reading it thinking it's translated in the document. If I'm wrong, and we can translate directly in the document, hopefully the moderators will tell us. (Yo, moderators!)


          Sharon McKinley

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              Henry Rosenberg Navigator

              Hi Sharon-

              I remember that thread and thought they did not want us to translate just as they don't want us to correct misspellings or use sic. I have been working under the impression that we are just supposed to write exactly what we see. Let me know if I am wrong.




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                  LOC Manuscript Division Tracker

                  Hi Henry and Sharon,


                  You're both correct! The By the People guidelines state:


                  "If you can transcribe the original language of a document, please do so. You can change your language input settings in your browser, and may need to use a foreign language keyboard or shortcuts for non-English characters. However, do not translate documents. The Library is not currently able to support translation . If you would like to translate a document and discuss it with other volunteers, please visit History Hub and join in one of the many conversations on this topic. Please note that the project ran a short trial period of translation, but we now ask that all translations be kept out of the transcription space."


                  Thanks for bringing this up, and for all your work!



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