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    Need election results for South Vietnam Elections


      Need election results for 5/30/1965 South Vietnam Election of Council of cities, Province and Town. I am helping a fellow librarian who is helping a researcher locate 3 sets of election results in South Vietnam -  "Election of council of cities, province and Town"  - Bau cur Hoi dong Do, Tionh, Thj xa ngay 30-5-1965.  The researcher has a long list of cities/towns and 3 different election dates.  Although the researcher suggested checking the Cong Bao Viet Nam Cong Hoa - the South Vietnamese legislative gazette- the chief librarian for this question has checked the first 2 issues in June 1965 and thinks that the election results don't fall within the legislative arena.


      I have checked around in NARA but am not finding this information,   I have been checking for reference books mentioning sources of South Vietnamese elections but haven't found anything yet.  I am not sure if this information would have been included in NARA, but it is the best source yet that I have found. Thanks