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    Where to find property owners that were Revolutionary War soldiers?


      I am researching some early property owners in the Depreciation Lands north of Pittsburgh.  They would have been Revolutionary War soldiers of have bought from them.  In particular I am researching Colonel Issac Melcher or Melchoir of the PA Line and also a Samuel A Heslet or Hazlet.  Thank you.

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          The first thing you need to figure out is if Melcher/Melchoir or Haslet/Hazlet received the land by a military warrant or bounty or in another manner. I would assume not since they are in Pennsylvania but none the less I would start with Fold3’s listing of Revolutionary War Pension Files https://www.fold3.com/search?general.title.id=467:Revolutionary+War+Pensions.  If they are not listed in the pension files I would assume they gained title to the land in another way. 


          Because Pennsylvania was never a public land state the records will not be with the National Archives.  The 20 states include the original 13 colonies and Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and West Virginia.  You will want to contact the state archives about land records for these areas.


          The best place to start when looking for the history of a property is with the County Assessor’s office. They should be able to give a fairly good listing of who owned the property over time.  Their older records may have been retired to the City or State Archives or Historical Society so don’t be surprised if they refer you to those organization, or simply tell you they don’t have records after a certain date, even if the property is older than that date.  Another great place to check is the local public library. 

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