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    Seeking Treasury & Secret Service records about counterfeiter


      I am researching a prisoner in the Tennessee State Penitentiary from the dates of 1926 to 1932.  Howard Barr.  (an alias) He set up a "counterfeiting plant"   inside the prison. He "raised notes." He had a civilian prison employee involved also.


      Despite the Secret Service being called into investigate the raised notes appearing in the Nashville and Memphis communities, they could not stop this prisoner.  Finally, the Governor of Tennessee, Henry Horton, pardoned Howard Barr from all Tennessee state charges and turned him over to Federal Prison system.


      I have the Tennessee State Prison Records for this man but am looking for the Secret Service records.  Newspaper accounts say the Treasury Dept. trained their future employees with this man's counterfeit raised notes!  (which means they still might have some of Barr's raised notes in their files.)


      How can I get all the records the Treasury Department has on this man.  Where are the Secret Service records of the investigations at the Tennessee State Penitentiary in Nashville?  There has to be a tremendous amount of records somewhere after being called in so many different times.