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    Seeking marriage certificate for Elizabeth Kelly & Harry Burt


      I am currently helping out a friend whose Grandmother immigrated from Ireland to the USA in 1888/9. He now lives in Florida. I have been mostly successful to date in finding out ( a lot of )  information about the lady in question (both here in Ireland and in the US) but I am stumped at finding out where she married her husband as we want to apply for a copy of the marriage Certificate.


      I will take any direction / help that I can get on that topic. The ladies name was Elizabeth (Eliza) Fitzgerald Kelly born in Ireland on 6th April 1868 and immigrated to the USA in 1888/9 and her husband's name was Harry (possibly Henry?) Sydney Burt, born in England in 1876 and died in Miami in 1949. So they would have married in either Boston or New York (best guess) between 1889 - 1897.


      So If you can direct me on this, I'll say a big thank you. I have further research information that I have collected - so please ask if there is something else here that would be of use.