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    Seeking records about Andrew Petersen


      Andrew Petersen, born between 1853 & 1855, immigrated 1882, I believe.  He married Johanna Fredrikka Maria Koch in Chicago, Cook County, in August 1888. Andrew met up with her prior to their marriage in Dyer IN.  They married there, as reported by her brother, Anthony Koch, I thought, but their official marriage was in Chicago in August 1888 .  I can't find any background on Andrew.  They left her family, all Danish immigrants, and ended up in Ovando, MT where they lived until he ended up in an asylum at Warm Springs, MT having supposedly suffered a  horse accident and brain damage.  She maybe divorced him and went to Washington to join their daughter, Margaret, and she died there in 1943, Everett, WA, where she is buried.  I need Andrew's background.  He says he was born in German, Danish, Prussian on census forms. .


      I can't get past him on my family tree. He is my great-great grandpa.  They had sons Andrew, Marc, Margaret and Hans, I believe.  But where is Andrew's family?  He immigrated in 1882.  From where, I don't know.  And so many Andrews.