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    Seeking records of Ricardo Antonio Garcia


      I am having trouble finding my grandfather, Ricardo Antonio Garcia, on my maternal side. He died at 41 and my mom and her siblings where just children. No one knows who his parents are or where he was truly born is it San Juan, PR or New York. He may have been married before to a women named Irene? He was married to my grandmother Helen Laspanto. He may have first arrived in Hawaii abt 1939-1940, and worked as a civil worker for the Military and maybe a merchant seamen since he was in a different place on the ship quite a bit and died on 12 July 1954 while he was working overseas in Japan with the Ryukyu Command. I'm not sure if he was adopted? Maybe that's why we can't find any birth records. If anyone has advice, or can find more info on him. I would be beyond excited. Thank you