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    Looking for information on Isaac McGill


      Can anyone help me find information on Isaac McGill? I think he was born in 1815.

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          Henry Rosenberg Navigator

          Where was he born? Any other info like parent's names?

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              I am not sure. I found information in the 1910 census which seems to imply that he was born in Ireland.But his son's death certificate seems to imply he was born in Kentucky. I am trying to figure out who his parents were.

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                  Henry Rosenberg Navigator

                  Who is listed in the 1910 census? Isaac? He'd be about 95 years old.


                  What is his son's name and when and where was he born? The son's death certificate will tell you approximate age and where he died. It might tell you his place of birth.


                  If not you can search the son by approximate age and last known place where he lived(place of death). That might help you find a census for him. Sometimes it tells you the state he was born in. 1890 census does not exist,it was destroyed in a fire, but you might find him in the 1850,1860,1870,1880,1900 or 1910 depending on when he died. If you can confirm the son is your relative then you can trace backward to Isaac, hopefully to find where Isaac lived in the US and maybe when he immigrated. Censuses after 1850 list all household members so that might help too. In some cases parents lived with their children,too.


                  BTW, I am a volunteer transcriber and not an expert but I have done a lot of geneaology research. With limited information, it can be a very slow process. You may get a small piece of info which could lead to more information. You want to be as positive as you can about what you find otherwise it could lead you astray.


                  If you want us to help, post links to any information you have found and maybe we can help you.


                  Good luck,


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                Dear Ms. Winchell,


                Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


                We conducted a search for Isaac McGill, born around 1815, on AncestryInstitution and located 13 potential hits for you to browse through. We also located 96 results for Isaac McGill on FamilySearch.


                There may be a fee for using Ancestry. Instead, you may view these records online at one NARA's facilities for free via a NARA PC. For the nearest NARA location, please consult our web page at https://www.archives.gov/locations/. Also, some of the images from Ancestry are available for free on Family Search at https://www.familysearch.org/en/.


                We suggest you review NARA’s Genealogy Resources web pages for additional ideas on how to continue your search for records about Isaac McGill.


                We hope this is helpful! Best of luck with your research!


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