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    Seeking information on fifth great grandfather


      My fifth great grandfather was reportedly part Huron Indian and French, from Quebec Canada then Pennsylvania where he married my 5g grandmother. I have a name but now what do i do?


      I am new to genealogy searches and feel a bit pressed for time as I search out relatives on my 90-year-old father's side of my family. Most of the information I have about my family tree I obtained from oral histories provided by my paternal grandmother prior to her passing in 2010 at age 100. My father's family has a colorful past and as I pursue more information to fill in the missing pieces, I've quickly become confused and overwhelmed.


      This information is so very important to me, and to my father who is desperately trying to remember his/our family's history, as dementia has been gradually robbing him of his life. If anyone can help me I will appreciate you beyond measure. Since my grandpa is a "half breed" from Canada, no less, do I need to find naturalization papers for him through the Bureau of Indian Affairs? I.N.S? I have his name and purported birth date(year). I also know he was a lumber/logging worker as his vocation. I believe he is a product of the French and Indian war battled in Canada and northern New York? I think? Honestly, I'm terrible with history. In any event, I also found information that may tie him to the Iroquois Peace Confederacy and the Erie nation of tribal peoples. Oh my...so, I will leave it at this and if anyone can help me...Thank you in advance.