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    Locating Application Files for 2 Bounty Land Warrants


      I am looking for Bounty Land Grant Application files that are associated with 2 different Land Grants.  I found the land transactions on the BLM website but not the application files.   I tried to request the files from the National Archives and was told that they are not the repository for the application files but I haven't been able to discover how to request the application files from BLM.   I am hoping that the application files can provide some possible clues on Seth Kirkland's family.  Based on the 2 different ScripWarrant Acts he file for land under he would have been about 18 years old to qualify for the one in 1852.


      Can someone help guide me in the right direction on how to request/find the application files?


      BLM Accession #:  MW-0588-204 in FL

           Authority:  March 22, 1852: ScripWarrant Act of 1852 (10 Stat. 3)

      1852 Land Grant – Warrant #3279 for 40 acres in Florida for Seth H. Kirkland for service in Captain Johnson’s Company, Florida Volunteers, Seminole wars – Issued on 2 Apr 1855


      BLM Accession #:  MW-0205-209 in IL

          Authority:   March 3, 1855: ScripWarrant Act of 1855 (10 Stat. 701)

      1855 Land Grant – Warrant #44,575 for 120 acres in Illinois for Seth H. Karklein (Seth H. Kirkland) in Captain Johnson’s Company, Florida Militia, Seminole Disturbances assigned to John Bustard – Issued on 10 Nov 1859

      ***Note:  he was living in Gadsden Co., FL when this one was issued.


      Thank you!

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          Hi there.  I am not certain how you requested the information from the National Archives originally so sorry if I am going over what you have already done.  Because this land falls as a military bounty request and not a straight Land Entry Case file you have to submit your request differently, either by using different forms (NAFT 85 instead of 84) or submitting different information through our Order Online system.  A very good pamphlet regarding how to file request for scrip lands can be found on the NARA site  https://www.archives.gov/files/publications/ref-info-papers/rip114.pdf. If you did use the military bounty and you did not get an answer you might want to request their military file instead.


          Finally, because Florida is part of the Eastern land states the records are still held by the BLM office in Washington, DC.  You can request these records by contact them directly at

          Eastern States Office, Bureau of Land Management

          Department of the Interior

          20 M Street, Suite 950

          Washington, DC 20003

          Directions on how to request the records can be found on the BLM website https://glorecords.blm.gov/reference/default.aspx#id=04_Document_Requests|01_Eastern_States_Patent

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              Hi Marene,


              Thank you for the information.   I have his civil war military file but when I have tried to request his Seminole War files I get a negative search response.


              The Archives website states:  The majority of those who received warrants under the acts of 1847 to 1855 did no use them to make land entries themselves but sold them to others who did.  These warrants could be used to obtain land anywhere in the public domain. 


              Based on this statement would there be an application file of where my ancestor received the "draw" but sold it to someone else and who's name would it be in?  His or the name of the man he sold the warrant to?   I am trying to find the application files for the two land warrants mentioned in the original posting because I don't know for sure how he would have qualified for them.   If he qualified based on his father's service, that would be great to find, because I don't know who his father was.  I'm willing to pay for these 2 files no matter what the name it was filed under.


              On the BLM Website the ordering is only for requesting the patent, and the patent image is on the site.


              Am I looking for records that don't exist?


              I am now really confused because on the Archives website at:


              It states:  The National Archives has custody of the military bounty-land warrant files for the thirty Federal public land states. There are case files for all states in the U.S. except the thirteen original states, Vermont, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maine, West Virginia, Texas, and Hawaii.

              And I tried to order using the Form 85C which if I'm reading the information on the Archives website correctly it should be housed there and not at BLM.


              Denise Smiley



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              Hi Denise,


              I think you want to pursue the land files [NAFT 84] since the military bounty one [NAFT 85c] do not seem to have what you need.


              If you look at this phamplet https://www.archives.gov/files/publications/ref-info-papers/rip114.pdf pages 20 and 21 might clarify things.


              For Military Bounty Land Warrants files under the 1852 and the 1855 Acts the instructions are as follows.

              -Use NATF Form 84, fill in name of warrantee, year of warrant act, acreage, warrant number

              -Send to Textual Reference (NWCT1R), National Archives, 700 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20408-0001

              (This is now done through our Order Online system instead of the NATF Form)