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    What is a Noah's Ark listed on 1819 inventory

    A Judd Newbie

      I have an 1819 estate inventory and sale from Central Virginia. One of the items listed is a Noah's Ark. It sold for $2.35. For context, near the ark on the list are a Cross Cut Saw (sold for $4.15), two hand Saws, Steelyards, and a Cutting Knife. The ark is not listed with household goods like chairs, pewter serving ware, or spinning wheel. I have Googled for 19th century tools, 19th century carpentry, Noah's Ark tool, and the like. I suppose it could be a literal Noah's Ark: maybe it's a toy or decorative item but it seems unlikely given no other such items were listed and it's position among tools on the list.

      Does anyone know if there is/was a tool called a Noah's Ark?