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    Seeking WWII 14th Army Air Force Mission Records


      I am searching for reports from a mission undertaken by 14th Army Air Force intelligence personnel stationed at Kunming, China, immediately following the Japanese surrender in WWII. The mission was from September 25 through October 12, 1945 and was intended to assess the success of Allied bombing campaigns on Japanese-held railroad targets. The officers were given a significant amount of cash to take with them for expenses. I'm hoping to find the reports that details their activities during this mission as well as some kind of record of how they spent the money, which may have been from the Quartermaster Corps. Can you point me in the right direction? A few places I was thinking of looking include:


      RG18 AAF, WWII Combat Operations Reports (NARA ID 596339), but these don't seem to go past the date of the Japanese surrender, and indeed the mission I'm interested was not a combat mission. Is there another place I can look for mission reports in China after the Japanese surrender?


      RG341 AAF, Index to the Series "Military Intelligence Photographic Interpretation (MIPI) Reports, August 1942-March 1956", 5L8 - China (14th Air Force Reports) K -- China (14th Air Force Reports) Sh (NARA ID 787992)


      RG226 Records of the OSS, Kunming Field Station Finance Records, 1944-1946 (NARA ID 6486252)


      RG226, Chungking, Dakar, Holland, Istanbul, Kandy, Kunming, Lisbon, London, New York, Paris, Pretoria, Singapore, Stockholm, and Tangier Field Station Files, 1943 - 1945 (NARA ID 6277517)


      Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!