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    Seeking help with family information


      To whom it may concern


      I am looking for information on my family when they were living in Italy and came to the United States. I am currently researching my family history and would like as much information such as immigration, passports, birth or death certificates etc. on my grandparents aunts and uncles.

      Here is a list of names:


      Conchetta Gulianno -- Born 1875  Puglia Italy; Died Sept 1953

      Generoso Devincenzo -- Born June 1867; died around 1934

      Maria Nicole Sibilia -- Born Sept. 1873; died 1935

      Angelina Sibilia -- Born June 1879; Died March 14, 1940; Lived on 11 Cutler St. Newark NJ

      Antonio Biancardi -- Born Feb 1877; Died 1964

      Valario Colonna -- lived in Pugila, Italy (?)

      Michael or Nicholas Colonna  -- Birth 1890 Pugila, Italy

      Ciriaco Roccia -- born May 23 1887 in Trevico Italy; died 1935 in Newark, NJ

      Grace Mellilo -- born 1895 in Trevico Italy; Died 1968 in Newark, NJ