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    Seeking Confederate soldier courts-martial files


      I have been researching for some time the history of my 3rd great-grandfather's service and demise in the civil war. Only to come up short of any defining information.

      He was John Lewis Kuykendall (b, 1833) from Cook County, Texas and served as a Confederate, but I am unclear who he served under. I thought it would be easy to find records, as it is said he was taken from his home in Texas in about 1862 to Fort Arbuckle, Oklahoma. (Which I have discovered was not in operation at the time). He was supposedly courts-martialed and hanged. I cannot find any historical data or information on this.  There is some debate if he was hanged in 1862 or 1867. My records show 1862, but many of the indexed records state 1867.

      I assume, since I couldn’t find anything, his children or wife could not file a pension, because of the courts-martial. Any idea, where I can look and find his courts-martial records? I would think these would be well documented. Any guidance would be appreciated!