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    Seeking OMGUS "Monthly historical Report" (s) by Major  Philip L. Steers


      In continuation of finding about the WAC found with $50,000 on a train--I found a reference to a reports on crimes in the   Monthly Historical Reports written by Maj Philip L. Steers for the years 1946 and if possible 1947 in Germany. I am hoping they will mention this arrest. I can't seem to navigate Fold3.com to find these. Can someone direct me to where they might be?


      I found the reference in a thesis that used these records in a German Archive but I am assuming the National Archives would have them as well? Here is the reference -- Philip L. Jr. Steers, "Monthly Historical Report," in OMGUS (Wolfratshausen: Landesarchiv Wolfratshausen, 1946),


      They are also referenced as such: RG 260 -- Shipping List 10/78 - OMGUS, Monthly Historical Report; Shipping List 10/78-3/3 - OMGBY Wolfratshausen; Shipping List 10/78-3/3, (2 of 6) - OMGBY, Annual Historical Report, Wolfratshausen; and Shipping List 10/78-3/3, (4 of 6) – OMGBY