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    Seeking property deed record from 9-12-1928


      Need help locating property deed record from 9-12-1928 (Land sale from War Finance Corporation to Mr.R.N. Fields & E. Logan Bray, in Arnoldsville GA). No references, nor records, in our county courthouse for this sale, except that it took place on this date from the War Finance Corporation to the above mentioned grantees. Needed desperately to avoid legal actions.  ANY help would be most appreciated!

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          Keith Northington Wayfarer



          Maybe you should consult with a real estate attorney or abstract/title search company to assist you with looking for this document if you have not already done so.


          Having the first names abbreviated may make the land records search more difficult.  If you were not already aware of the first names of these individuals, I was able to find out that "R. N. Fields" is most likely to be Rodolphus Napoleon Fields (1864--1934), whose was also called "Rowe" and "Roe", variations of his first name. 


          E. Logan Bray is actually Ernest Logan Bray (August 20, 1884 to July 4, 1967).


          An online source mentions that the LDS (Latter Day Saints) Family History Centers have access to a microfilm called "Deeds, Grantees, 1794-1938 Index for Oglethorpe County, Georgia" and there are 2 books used for source information, one book is the Grantee Index and the other is the Grantor Index.  Find an LDS Family History Center/Library in your area or in Oglethorpe County so you can send a request to have someone do a lookup for you in this microfilm.


          More importantly, if you click on the link for Hire a Researcher on the NARA webpage, you will find a researcher named Mr. Desmond (in Jonesboro, GA and Stockbridge, GA) whose specialty is land records and other types of searches--send an email to him to get an estimate on his services and to also find out if he is familiar with the War Finance Corp. records.  If you are lucky, he can probably find what you need.



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            Lisha Penn Pioneer

            Dear Mr. Patman,


            Thank you for posting your request on History Hub! 


            We searched the National Archives Catalog and located one series titled Ledger of Property Acquired as Collateral for Advances, 1927-1929 in the Records of the War Finance Corporation that may contain the information you seek. The records are not digitized or available in the Catalog. For access and/or copies of these records, please contact the National Archives at Atlanta via email at atlanta.archives@nara.gov.


            You also may wish to contact the Georgia Department of Revenue or search Georgia Property Records for more information or pay a law firm to conduct a title search for you.


            We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!


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