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    Seeking records on Edward Vernon Taylor


      Looking for any information on an ancestor - Edward Vernon Taylor a merchant seaman who had a son born in Scotland in 1921 and given the same name. So far we have found in certificates:


      1.  On the birth certificate of Edward Vernon Taylor in July 1921  Dunbartonshire, Scotland  - mother: Margaret Bennie Coulson father: Edward Vernon Taylor Captain Merchant mercantile service who married in Liverpool Oct 1920. We have been unable to find a marriage record.


      2.  On birth certificate of another son to Margaret Coulson, in 1934 in Glasgow:  Iain Hardie Coulson or Taylor to Margaret Bennie Coulson widow of Edward Vernon Taylor First Officer merchant service who died in Buenos Aires 2nd Feb. 1924.  No fathers name for Iain.  We have been unable to find the death record.


      From oral family history - Edward Vernon Taylor jr could remember his father and that he died when Edward jr was a child about the age of 10 (about 1931), he was American possibly from Austin or he trained in Austin and he died in Montevideo on board a ship as he had refused to go onshore and he was buried in a cemetery there. So there are contradictions between the certificates and Edward jr's memories. We are in Scotland and searching online for birth, death, or marine service records has not found anything, so hoping that there may be something in US records. Any help in locating any records or information would be greatly appreciated in solving the mystery around Edward Vernon Taylor, we wonder if he really existed!