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    Seeking records on BANDIDO CHARLIE & Purple Heart


      Bandido Carlie Bien Phouc. Vietnam. 1967-1968. Along with Then Lt. Tommy Franks. Now retired 4 STAR General. Requesting records how Bandidos were confirmed by Congress of the United States of America. Bandidos are still in activation today in Afghanistan. Many Bandidos have been returned to USA, Still in active duty.


      I'm looking for my records of receiving Purple hearts. Stooping on a bobby trap. Also receiving shrapnel in  my legs from rocket and mortar attacks into Then Bien Phouc.Vietnam. Bien Phouc was no larger than 2 football fields placed together in the middle of So. Vietnam. So. of Saigon. Tan An Province. Now at 72 yrs. of age. Purple hearts didn't mean much to me in Vietnam at the time. I only wanted to get home with all my body parts.