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    Seeking seeking logs of USS John Rodgers (DD-983)


      There was a flooding incident aboard the USS John Rodgers (DD-983) in May/June of 1992 while pier side in our homeport of Charleston, SC. The incident took place in the Sonar 4 Eductor Room while changing out a valve. Divers from SIMA were also there as a plug was installed. However it must have come out as the space flooded. I was pinned and trapped for a while but was able to free myself so a shipmate could assist/pull me out.


      After I made it out, water immediately began flowing over the top or the hatch. I grabbed the hatch and we jumped on top of it and I secured it. We called DCC and informed them. Announcements we made over the 1MC and a DC1 came to Sonar 4. I ran to DCC to assist them with understanding the location. We went from progressive to controlled flooding multiple times until it was controlled after the divers had re-installed the plug.


      There is much more to the story but awards were submitted by the Division for a Navy Accommodation & Navy Achievement. However, 9-months later I was informed the Navy Accommodation Award never left the ship as the then Captain (Jack Carpenter) was concerned it could tarnish his record. The How can I get a copy of the ships quarterdeck and Damage Control Central log books?

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          According to the Department of the Navy records management regulations, only the deck logs of major combatant and support ships are considered permanent records and eventually accessioned into the custody of the National Archives. Other types of logs (engineer, engine room, quarter deck, sick bay or sick call, radio, and quartermaster) are deemed to be temporary records and destroyed by the Navy after initial administrative use. Medical information concerning individuals should be included in the medical file of the individual.


          For access to U.S. Navy deck logs dated after 1983, please write to the Ships Deck Logs Section, Naval History & Heritage Command, 805 Kidder Breese Street, SE, Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC 20374-5060 or via email at archives@navy.mil.

          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!


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