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    What is Patent No 25605-1903 used for?


      After searching the web and patent records without results, I am asking: what is it for? The object is made of brass. There is only one opening at the widest part (to the right in the picture) It is round tubes slightly flattened. PATENT No 25605-1903 is stamped on the side.brass object with round centre tube with 8 closed tubes at 90 degree angle to the centre 4 on each side opposing each other, The end is slightly widened

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          Dear Mr. Gronli,


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          We searched the online Patent Index but were unable to locate information for this item. The object you are requesting information for may not be a United States issued patent. We suggest using the “Search International Patent Offices” option on the USPTO site.


          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!


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