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    Seeking rosters of various Stalags

    Val Burgess Wayfarer

      Do rosters exist for Stalag VIIA, Stalag Luft III-north and east compound, and Bellaria? I have compiled a list of the air crews that flew 14 October 1943 to Schweinfurt. Some 60 B-17s were shot down, meaning some 600 men were either, POW, KIA, EVD, IINT or some surprisingly were RTD as their planes went down in England. I know that most of the the officers were held at Stalag Luft I, III and one was held at Stalag VIA. The Sergeants were held at Luft IV and Stalag XVIIB.


      There exists 62 men both officers and non-coms that are nowhere to be found. I have a roster entitled "The Mighty Eighth Roll of Honor" compiled by Paul M Andrews and William H Adams.  This is  634-page compilation of the men that served in the 8th AF. Surprisingly several of the men that, I cannot find in the existing rosters, are not in this text. If rosters exist, that may provide me additional information, please share where I might access them.


      Thank you for any help you can provide.

      Val Burgess