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    Seeking records of Cavalry Regiments


      How can we obtain access to the materials in Record Group 391 -- Records of the 7-10th Cavalry Regiments that consists of Regimental, battalion, troop (company), and detachment records, including letters sent and received, issuances, muster rolls, descriptive books, and histories, of the 7th Cavalry Regiment, 1866-1917; 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1866-1918; 9th Cavalry Regiment, 1867-1919; and 10th Cavalry Regiment, 1866- 1918. Records of the 7th Cavalry include records of a detachment on the Yellowstone Expedition, 1873. Records of the 10th Cavalry include a unit diary documenting participation in the Punitive Expedition to Mexico, 1916.  We are interested in just the Lakeland, Florida relevant ones