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    Seeking records for Thomas T Moore


      Have the record of birth on 1870 census  none other with birth name  no tax records marriage  then suddenly on find-a-grave he has name with different middle name and someone has connected him to the family but i want proof he is the same person in death as the person i proved in birth.  where so i look?


      Thomas T Moore on 1870 census with known parents/siblings b 1859 in GA, USA -- nothing more anyplace till I find him connected to some of the proven family members as Thomas B Moore b GA 1859 Oct  he has a wife and family and no history. How do I know he's Thomas T?

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          Dear Ms. Singletary,


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          We suggest the Georgia Genealogical Society may be a good resource for you to explore for additional research tips. You may also wish to consider contacting the Georgia State Archives or searching this Family Search for Georgia Online Genealogy Records that highlights some Georgia online resources.


          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your family research!


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            Henry Rosenberg Tracker

            Unfortunately you need more information such as children or spouse. I usually do a search one year to either side of the known birth year because census takers take the person's age not birthdate. So, sometimes a child is say 8 in 1930 census but the birthdate was later in the year so instead of listing 1921 as the birth year they list 1922 as the birth year. Also, he may not be listed as Thomas T on all records but simply Thomas. If you have more information, it will help you. Finally, I sometimes have luck searching for the other family members that links to the person I am looking for. I hope this isn't too complicated. I'm not a moderator.

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