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    Seeking German SS archival records from Salon Kitty, Berlin, 1941-42


      Researching for a book, ran across a number of references to Salon Kitty--a brothel run in Berlin from 1941 to 1942 in which prostitutes were recruited to get information from their customers--the conversations tape recorded by the SS.  The internet has all kinds of details including who attended the brothel among the dignitaries in Berlin.  All of the articles online have the same story line--that the address was bombed in mid July 1942, that they moved the brothel elsewhere and that the SS gave up on the project because of the low yield of intel coming out of it.  The only problem I have with these stories is that they corroborate each other, there is very little variation from one to the next...and there was no British or American bombing in Berlin in the summer of '42.  The Madam they allegedly forced to run the salon refused to say anything about it (under threat) even after the war.  The recordings made by the SS were allegedly captured by the Soviets.   So, did it exist?  Are details online right?  Who bombed it?