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    Who is the father of William McIntosh?


      Who is the father of William McIntosh (1764-1843) of Williamsburg, SC?


      I know a great deal about William and his descendants but very little about his father. I think his mother and father are John McIntosh (b. 1741) and Mary Westbury (b 1745, d 24 Jul 1787) of Williamsburg, SC.


      I know...

      John was christened August 20, 1741 at Old St. Andrews Parish Church, Berkeley County, SC. (South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, South Carolina Historical Society; Volume 14 (1913), Pages 20-35).


      From the research of Florence Harrington Bartlett (via Kathy Loyd)...

      John McIntosh served in French and Indian War in 1759 under Capt. David Anderson., with William Westbury. Private John Mclntosh was on the Muster Roll & Pay List 10-8-1759 through 1-10-1760 of Capt. David Anderson's Company of SC Militia in the Regiment commanded by Col. Richard Richardson in the 1759 Cherokee Expedition.


      His wife Mary Westbury, was the daughter of William and Jane Westbury. Mother of William Westbury was Mary Early, according to his will.


      Samuel D. McGill wrote in 1894 that William Mclntosh's mother was a sister to Elizabeth Westbury/Westberry, the wife of Roger McGill.  Stella Gardner thought that William's father was James G. McIntosh, who emigrated from Scotland in 1756.

      source: rmckenzi@dti.net


      William Westbury owned land near him.