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    Seeking form to request land warrant


      Which NATF form should I use when the original War of 1812 recipient surrendered his land warrant # 6126 in Wisconsin and it was reassigned to my ancestor and filed in 1855 in Wisconsin.  I would like to see his application files if they are available.  Thanks for any info.   Denny

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          Hi there.  Great question.  If the original land was relinquished for whatever reason and reverted to the Federal Government then you can request the GLO patent file, most likely for both people.  You can do this by submitting a request to the BLM's Eastern Land Office.


          They maintains the land records for the 13 public land states under its jurisdiction: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, and Wisconsin. If the patent you are requesting is not available on the GLO website please download and fill out the following form.


          GLO Patent Request Form

          Once you have filled out the form, mail it to the following address:

          Bureau of Land Management
          Attn: Lands and Realty-Eastern States
          20 M Street SE, Suite 950
          Washington, DC 20003


          If however the land was sold by the original entry man to your ancestor that would be a State record.  You will want to contact the State Archives.  They can be found here https://www.michigan.gov/mhc/0,9075,7-361-85148---,00.html .

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            Thank you to Marene Baker's suggestions.  I will do, and let you know if I get a reply from the GLO.


            Denny Thompson