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    Susan B. Anthony diaries -- people's names


      I'm starting to work on Susan B. Anthony's diaries, and there are a lot of names I can't make out. Her handwriting is pretty terrible, so for a lot of them I'm just having to put in bracketed question marks. Are there good resources I could go to to find out more about her associates and people in her social/activist circle? Not just the big names, but officers of committees, etc. Just trying to google things isn't working.

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          Henry Rosenberg Navigator

          Hi Stacy- I found that the more you do, the more you will become familiar with the names. However, if you know where she was speaking and to what group, sometimes you can Google that with the year and get some info. If you want a little help, you could send us a link as an example and maybe some of us can put our heads together and figure it out. The nice thing is that if you figure it out later, you can go back to the page and correct it. Assuming you have registered for an account, it keeps track of the pages you worked on. Also, don't forget, whoever reviews the page or finishes it if it is in progress has a crack at it too.


          Good luck,


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            Lauren Algee Scout

            This is a great question, Stacy Aannestad !  Using a search engine can be a big help as Henry suggests. I also recommend always checking out the "Resources" box on the landing page of every campaign.  This will generally include Library of Congress blog posts, timelines, and collection page,  which includes an even greater wealth of information about the archive and the person. All of this can be extremely useful in interpreting names, dates, and geographic locations and are authoratative sources, unlike some websites you may find though a search engine.  A keyword search of the Library of Congress website may also help up even further resources created by our fantastic staff or another item from the collection that could confirm of a spelling.


            Our LOC Manuscript Division colleagues are the real experts, so please weigh in on anything I might have missed!

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