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    Seeking hospitals located in Belgium WWII

    joan stachnik Tracker

      Hi, hoping someone here can help me with my search on my dad's WWII military service, specifically his hospital stay while in Europe. My dad was in the 320th GFAB/HQ battery of the 82nd Airborne. What I know so far is:


      On 6 Oct 1944 he was in the 24th Evac hospital for what appears to be one day; admitted and then "evacuated to a communication zone" per the MRs of the 24th Evac. His name does not appear again in the 24th Evac MRs.

      I had thought he was sent back to his unit but the sick reports for his unit have him absent/sick, line of duty.  He is listed as absent/sick every day for nearly 3 months. So he was never dropped from the roster. He returns to his unit late December (from absent/sick [line of duty] hospital unknown [non-battle]; same MOS) per the 320th's MR.


      On 6th Oct 44 the 24th Evac was located 1m E of Bourg-Leopold, Belgium. I do not know why he was hospitalized. He was injured in a glider crash earlier in the war and spent 3 months in a hospital in England. Not sure if it was related to that or some other injury/illness. But 3 months seems like a long time, so I'm guessing an injury. A few other men in his unit who were absent/sick for roughly the same time period returned from the 99th General Hosp, but I don't know if that would be the only hospital possible or if men were sent to different hospitals based on diagnosis.


      So my question is, what hospitals might he have been sent to from the 24th Evac? Any suggestions of where to look would be appreciated. Thanks, joan