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    Seeking WWII Signal Corps Photos

    Leonard Cizewski Adventurer

      I wish to obtain the pictures taken by Pvt. Richard W. Elliot, 165th Signal Photo Company, on April, 30, 1945, of the meeting between the commands of the U.S. Ninth Infantry Division and Soviet 121st Guards Rifle Division at Pratau, Germany on the Elbe River.


      Below are links to Signal Corps Photos #ETO-HQ-45-34906, #ETO-HQ-45-34908, #ETO-HQ-45-34909, Original Negative Lot 11318 ncf he took at the event. Signal Corps Photo #ETO-HQ-45-34906 also has written on it SC-229960. We would like all the photos he took of the event. We are hoping to find photos of other U.S. and Soviet soldiers who took part in that event.

      Photo front -- https://airtable.com/tblFCm59NlRq1ZcPj/viwxYHiACWvA7eUoY/recGbyOhOaioW4bZ7
      Photo back -- https://airtable.com/tblFCm59NlRq1ZcPj/viwxYHiACWvA7eUoY/reckZKIkGGC8W2iVf

      Photo front -- https://airtable.com/tblFCm59NlRq1ZcPj/viwxYHiACWvA7eUoY/recaSKizh10icsZCR
      Photo back -- https://airtable.com/tblFCm59NlRq1ZcPj/viwxYHiACWvA7eUoY/recZeEVhONf7HnFtU

      Photo front -- https://airtable.com/tblFCm59NlRq1ZcPj/viwxYHiACWvA7eUoY/recgI7vGqhQxQwLoe
      Photo back -- https://airtable.com/tblFCm59NlRq1ZcPj/viwxYHiACWvA7eUoY/rec0S1YjR1bgutHJk


      Thank you.