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    Seeking Anarchist deportee case from 1919


      I am looking information regarding Frank Szcsepanski of Cleveland Ohio: Deportee case # 54709-422, Hartford Office Nov, 1919

      In a list of Anarchists, He is described as American Federation of Labor - Bigamist. I believe he was likely not deported on USAT Buford.

      I cannot find the disposition of this case number. Nor can I find him in later census records. Not a US citizen in 1919, most likely Magyar or Hungarian. Less likely, Polish. His Americanized name was Frank Koesy, but not noted in this case apparently.


      What is the disposition of this case? Was he deported? Jailed? Paroled? Where? Is there any record of his leaving US after this incident? He is my great grandfather who disappeared from family contact. Thanks,  Chuck