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    Seeking any document on Alice Jones married to James "Jim" Blanche


      Hi. My great-grandmother name was Alice Jones, supposedly she was married to my great-grandfather James"Jim" Blanche, Jr. I would say around 1921. Found a 1930 census record in Sunflower County MS with my great-grandfather, my grandmother Gertrude Blanche, her siblings and her grandparents. I did find an Alice Jones in beat 2 in Sunflower County, MS in 1930 and 1940 that was a widow. I'm trying to make sure that's the Alice, because as far as my grandmother was told, her mom suppose to have died after giving birth to her in 1927. So how could this be her? Or did she just abandon her kids. Because if you notice Jim Blanche,Jr. was a widower and the census record for Alice Jones indicated she was a widow. Since census records is not publicly available after 1940, I can't follow up. Please help, I've been searching for 9 years and nothing.