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    WWII letter home, typed, with send/received dates


      A friend of mine received letters from his grandfather, written from 1943 WWII Europe. The letters are typed, on what looks to be the same typewriter. None of the letters mention places, military movements, or identifying items specific to a war (that's normal). The curious part is that these typed letters, with a send date, also have a RECEIVED date, all typed with the same typewriter. [Sent Dec 26, 1943.   Received Jan 15, 1944...  Dear mom and Pop,... The day before, we went to the big town to get food for those of us still over here...]

      I know the military redacted items in letters going home. The redacted letters I've seen have had information marked out, (with XXXX, or a fat black mark) with the rest of the original letter intact. I have yet to see a retyped letter, which is what this pack of letters looks like. Has anyone else come across this? Thank you,Yvonne