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    Seeking records of Prague Liberation and US army


      My father helped the US troops in 1945 on Czech territory as interpreter at the time weeks prior to the liberation of Prague. Yes the USSR troops liberated, but the US army was in that area according the records of my father. How can I verify whether my father's name is mentioned in the US army records?  FYI -- my father died in 1996 and I am reconstructing his WW2 story.

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          Czech citizens who served with the U.S. Army during World War II and during the occupation of

          Germany and who were not officially inducted into the American Army were considered civilian

          employees by the U.S. Government. Official Personnel Files (OPFs) and medical information for

          individuals who worked for the U.S. government in a civilian capacity prior to 1954 are in the

          custody of the National Archives at St. Louis, P.O. Box 38757, St. Louis, MO 63138. Please

          include full name used during Federal employment, date of birth, Social Security Number (if

          applicable), name and location of employing Federal agency, beginning and ending dates of

          Federal Service. For more information, the web site is https://www.archives.gov/st-louis/archival-



          We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your family research!