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    Seeking ID of WWII medal


      My Father was in the infantry in Europe during WWII. He captured a German Captain. He had the medal on the left of this photo. Is this a German medal or another American medal?


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          J. Andrew Scout

          Your description sounds similar to, but at the same time noticeably different from an Army Commendation Medal.

          Might you be able to post a photograph?  You can also request his military service record which, if it survived the 1973 fire, should have information about his authorized Army awards. If he was ever in the National Guard or a State Guard you can also check with the Adjutant General of his state to see if they have any relevant records. Many states have their own awards in addition to those authorized by the DoD and the Army.

          Was the medal on his Army uniform and/or with his other Army medals, or was it kept separate from them?  Keep in mind that veterans sometimes acquired non-Army medals through private organizations such as the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, etc.  They are also sometimes awarded foreign medals, or acquired foreign medals as war souvenirs.  So you might want to check lists of French, Italian, German etc. awards

          Also, a dedicated forum such as the following might be able to help you.  http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/1580-unknown-can-you-identify/

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              I have my fathers service record. I video recorded him telling me what his medals were for but this one wasn't in the video and was found elsewhere after he passed a way.  He did take a medal off of a German prisoner. He showed me his African medal, D-Day medal NY state medal.  This is the medal along with possibly a German medal that I don't know either. If you can identify either one please tell me what they are.


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                  Elliot Schneider Pioneer

                  Hello Susan,


                  The medal in your possession is called Commander's Award for Civilian Service is an honorary award presented by the United States Department of the Army to civilian employees for commendable service or achievement. Employees who have a past record of excellence, normally recognized by the previous receipt of one or more honorary or performance awards, may be considered for this award. The Commander's Award for Civilian Service is comparable to the military Army Commendation medal.


                  Hope this helps





                  Elliot Schneider

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                joan stachnik Tracker

                Hi Susan, could it be for a European campaign? You might want to post a photo to help to identify the award. joan

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                  If CCC was for the Civilian Conservation Corps (which may have had more of connection if he was a farmer), the CCC started in the 1930s---the medal was established in the 1970s...so, likely not connected.  Hope that helps.

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                    Thomas Hogan Newbie

                    Susan - The bird-shaped device on the left is Native American "Thunderbird" pendant from the U.S. It is not a military medal although it may have been in the possession of an American soldier. Similar pendants are still sold today.