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    Seeking information on Individuals in Photos & Kuykendall


      I am an archivist working on a series of photographs taken by James P. Kuykendall between 1942 and 1946. I know that he was a Captain, MSC in 1953 and stationed in Puerto Rico, but I do not know where he was assigned during the war. Based on patches in the photos, he primarily photographed soldiers from Patton's 3rd Army, the 10th "Tiger" Armored Division, and the 14th "Liberator" Armored Division. These are some of the names, places, and dates I have based on typed captions on the back of the photographs:





      Captain Hartsell

      Major DeMott (Convoy to Saalfeld, April 1945; Paulinzella, April 1945; Seiligenthal, April 1945)

      Lieutenant Pontius (Paulinzella, April 1945)

      1st Sergeant Steel (Neustad, April 1945)

      Sergeant Beers (Siligenthal, April 1945)

      W.O. O’Brien

      Lieutenant “George” Dzierson (with W.O. O’Brien, Ried, Austria, May 1945)

      Captain Shaul (Near Eisenach, April 1945)

      George (Reid, Austria, June 1945) - in multiple photos

      Officer’s Quarters, 65th Medical Group


      Any information would be greatly appreciated.