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    Looking for all documents about my grandfather Michael Laconche




      I am looking for all available documents about my grandfather Michael LACONCHE, born April 17, 1894 in New York, NY, and died in 1962 in Blois (France). On his birth certificate (which we have), he is named Michiele LACONCA, son of Pietro LACONCA and Catarina ALFARANO. On some documents, his name is spelled LECONCHE (in France, he was called Michel LECONCHE).


      • His brother Raymond LACONCHE was born in 1898 (no document found).
      • His mother died before 1902 (we found no information on the date or place of his death).
      • In 1910 he appeared on the census of Hartford, Connecticut, under the name of Michael LACONCHE. He lives there with his father who remarried.
      • Around 1913, Michael worked at Yellow Stone Park.
      • We have a 1914 postcard addressed to Michael LACONCHE, 4th Q.G. Alcatraz, California, and one from 1915, addressed to him at Panama Pacific Q.E. Guard Com D, San Francisco, California.
      • In 1916 he reportedly fought under General Pershing during the Mexican expedition against Pancho Villa.
      • In 1917, he went to fight in France in the 3rd Evacuation Hospital then he returned to the United States at the end of the war.
      • On September 13, 1920, he applied for a passport to return to France (we have the application form). He married my grandmother there in 1921.
      • During WWII, as an American national, he was imprisoned in Compiegne (France) and then repatriated in 1944 to the United States on the occasion of an exchange with German prisoners.
      • He then works at the United States Embassy in Belgium. He received, in 1945, the Belgian medal of Knight of the Order of the crown.
      • Finally, we have his pension number (C-6-319-886) but we do not know how to use it to retrieve information.


      Thank you in advance for your assistance.

      Best regards,

      Jean-François BARBIER