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    "Undated" letter to Mary Church Terrell is from 1928


      An undated letter sent "July 18" and filed under "Undated A" at https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/mary-church-terrell-advocate-for-african-americans-and-women/letters-between-friends-all… is actually from 1928, based on content on page 2 (https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/mary-church-terrell-advocate-for-african-americans-and-women/letters-between-friends-all… ), where the sender talks about "Eleanor" and "Albert" having just graduated from Oberlin in the Class of 1928. Alas, knowing the year isn't going to set the scholarly world on fire; it's just a chatty letter between friends.


      I've tagged it "1928" in case that's of use down the road.