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    Can anyone here transcribe Ethiopic script?


      The papers of Mary Church Terrell include a letter of introduction from Haile Selassie, written in Ethiopic script: https://crowd.loc.gov/campaigns/mary-church-terrell-advocate-for-african-americans-and-women/letters-between-friends-all…


      I've represented what's on the page as follows, and tagged it "Ethiopic" in the hope that it will attract the attention of someone who knows what they're doing:

      [Ethiopian Imperial Coat of Arms]

      [9 lines of Ethiopic script]

      [signature of Haile Selassie]


      Hmmm... apparently there's a free Ethiopic OCR add-on for Microsoft Word, https://www.abyssinica.com/ocr -- I wonder how long I can resist trying to have a go at it myself?