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    Page numbering in drafts

    Lynn McCreedy Wayfarer

      In many of the Stanton speech drafts, one page in the transcriber's display is comprised of 2 pp of handwritten draft. When these are consecutive pages, this is no problem, but in 1 document this is not the case. If the transcribed draft is scanned in without modification to account for this, the resulting text will not make sense. I did not know how to mark this.

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          National Archives Catalog Scout

          Can you share the url of the record?  We can take a look at it and give suggestions.


          Suzanne Isaacs

          Community Manager, National Archives Catalog

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              Lynn McCreedy Wayfarer

              The document is a speech by Elizabeth Cady Stanton titled "Reconstruction" and starts with this page, not counting the folder: https://www.loc.gov/resource/mss41210.mss41210-004_00536_00596/?sp=2

              There are several irregularities in page numbering. The main, ongoing irregularity starts on page 24, on which her draft pages are numbered 35 & 38. From there onward, this continues: p 25 = her pp 34 & 39; p26 = her pp 33 & 40, and so forth to document p 58, which is her pp 5 & 72. Document p 59 is her pp 74 & 73, and p 60 = pp 74 & 75. Added to that, document page 21 is her pp 34 & 35, but she also numbers one of the pages on doc p 25 as p 35 & one of her pages on doc page 25 as her page 34.

              I have finished transcribing this document as-is, but whoever reviews my transcription would probably like to know how to deal with this. It seems to me that somehow, the draft pages should be chopped up so that the mis-paired pages can be put in their proper order. Duplicate numbering of draft pages is another issue that crops up occasionally, but can be handled by considering text continuity.

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              Lauren Algee Tracker

              Thanks for bringing this to our attention Lynn! This is an issue that we have also seen in some of Mary Church Terrell's speeches. You can see our response in that instance here: Image with pages scanned out of order


              My recommendation in this instance is the same. Please transcribe all pages in the order they appear, even if they're out of sequence. This is key to ensuring that the transcriptions will match up with the digitized images when we import everything back into loc.gov. We can also let the digital collections specialists in the Manuscript Division know about the out-of-order images so that they can potentially make that fix in loc.gov in the future.


              A little more background, in case you're interested: These pages (and many others in By the People campaigns) were digitized from microfilm rather than the original documents. This is often a time and cost efficient digitization process for archival materials, but it does sometimes end up replicating ordering or other errors that occurred during microfilming many decades ago.  That is what happened in this instance.


              Thanks for your attention to detail and happy transcribing!