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    Seeking after action reports in SWPA for New Guinea & Philippines


      I am stumped.  I am looking at my dad's Service Records which we received this year.  He spent most of his WWII time in either the Merchant Marines or in the Transportation Company Harbor Craft Co.  I have his Merchant Marine files.  I have his Army Service Records.  What I don't have is what unit he was in when he was transferred to the SWPA after completing Navigation School in Seattle.  His records tell us he left the US 12 July 1944 and arrived SWPA 12 Aug 1944.  They also say he was in the New Guinea campaign Aug-Sept 1944 -- doing what for who?  Has to be a boat of some sort in the Transportation Company.  But which one?


      Then, he is a part of the Philippine Islands Campaign Oct 1944-Sept 1945 in the TC 346th Harbor Craft Co, and is at Base K on Leyte.  I know he was on LCV, J Boats and Tugs in the Bays and Sounds, but that is all. I even have some pictures of him on two different boats.


      How do I find the after action reports (AARs) and unit history?  I have sent an email to NARA Textual Reference and wait to hear from them.  Is there any other direction you recommend?  I am reading a book on Leyte, but they gloss over the Transportation Companies.


      Thank you.