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    Transcribing shorthand symbols


      I'm transcribing documents from Elizabeth Cady Stanton. While the handwriting is occasionally challenging, the writer uses a symbol which, having seen it multiple times over several pages, I feel certain that it's a shorthand notation for the word "and." If it were an ampersand, I would type it as such but this symbol is best described as an o with a tail or a lowercase g leaning to the left. All other words are normally written in full with abbreviations being standard. I know that abbreviations should generally be retained and if the writer had used an ampersand or another symbol that could be easily reproduced, I would do so. As I can't reproduce this symbol, my inclination is to bracket the word [and] to indicate that it's different from the original text or to replace it with a plus sign which would be the closest that I could type. Any other suggestions or general guidance?