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    Womens Suffrage


      I am interested in converting hand written documents to a digital format.

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          Lauren Algee Tracker

          You've come to the right place!  By the People is just the project for you.


          The project is entirely online at crowd.loc.gov so you can access it from anywhere using a web browser. Everyone is welcome to contribute and you do not need to register to transcribe. However, if you create an account, you’ll be able to also tag items and review the transcriptions of others.  Reviewing is an area where we especially need help, as many things are initially transcribed but fewer have made it over the finish line to completed! If you register you’ll also have a profile page, where you can see what items you have worked on.  Register with your email by creating a username and password here.


          I strongly recommend reading the Welcome Guide before starting, which includes instructions on transcribing, tagging, and reviewing transcriptions by other volunteers. You can also access the instructions at any time while working on a document by clicking "Questions" or see a cheatsheet by clicking "Quick Tips".


          Once you have a handle on the transcription guidelines, explore the different collections available to transcribe, including all of our Women’s Suffrage materials, by browsing “Campaigns” using the top navigation on any page.


          Hope this helps you get started!  And please come back to History Hub to share what you find once you dig in!