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    How would a sailor been transported to US?


      Sailor was stationed off the coast of Vietnam on an aircraft carrier in the Gulf of Tonkin. How would a sailor been transported back to the US in an emergency in 1969?

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          There are many ways a sailor could have traveled: Aircraft Carrier to Da Nang to Philippines to US, Aircraft Carrier to Okinawa to US, Aircraft Carrier to Philippines to US, Aircraft Carrier to Japan to US. If it was a real emergency, the sailor may have gone either by helicopter (short distance) or C1A (cargo-type plane) for longer distances or air facility capable places. The destinations will vary. There was no set rule. Generally, it is what the aircraft carrier is capable of doing in conjunction with the rest of his travel back home via connecting flights. Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines was a big hub for incoming and outgoing personnel from Vietnam. Da Nang Airbase was usually a place one either embarked or disembarked.


          There won’t be any records to track a sailor's passage home under normal or emergency circumstances.  If emergency leave was recorded in the personnel diary, it will be from the carrier/squadron to wherever his final destination was such as a receiving station or base in the U.S.  The Navy would not record the transfer of a sailor to and from each point along his route.


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