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    Researching enslaved people from the Robert Toombs House in Ga.


      I am looking for any information or help researching the enslaved people owned by General Robert Toombs in Washington, Wilkes Co., Ga. I have a partial list of names and some leads. Would appreciate any guidance in this research. Goal is to have a building on the property dedicated just to the enslaved labors and their contributions and lives. A place where other people could come and learn both about history and possibly their own families.


      • Uncle Billy AKA Billy Toombs, William Toombs, William Henley, Billy Henley born about 1799 died Aug 1887 Wilkes Co., Ga
      • Aunt Betty died after 1867.
      • James R. Toombs (son of Dr. Robert Ezekiel Toombs -the general's nephew and Adeline a lady of color) born Jan 1848 died after 1910 but before 1920.
      • Adeline? not sure if she was owned by the General but she had two children by his nephew. Charlie Toombs was born 1847 have found his descendants but they don't know much about Adeline. The family lived in Mitchell Co., Ga as well as Wilkes Co., GA
      • John Wesley Gaines and his brother William Gaines - both of these men went on to be giants in their religion and did great things. I am in contact with their descendants.
      • Tom - know he was a child that the General taught to read and write, was too weak to work.
      • Bob - mentioned in letters home from war by the General that Billy and Bob were both doing well while at war with him.
      • Job - have a memoir that is part interview about Job not sure if he was here at the house or on another plantation
      • Dan- mentioned in letters
      • Alonza Fantory Toombs son of Sam Fantory Toombs and Isabelle Toombs - think he was at a different plantation but i have his memoir.
      • Garland White - was from Washington DC and ran away becoming a chaplain with the union army
      • George only mentioned in Washington Dc.
      • Amos and johanna Johnson


      Thanks for any help.