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    How can I find a document I was working on


      I'm new to this volunteer LOC crowd sourcing effort. I started transcribing something Lincoln related (something someone else had started). I saved as I went along. I later logged back on thinking there would be something enabling me to find that document and resume working on it, but that ability does not seem to exist -- unless I'm missing something. Please advise. I hate the thought of spending so much time on something and not being able to keep working on it. Is there a way to find a document I was already working on?

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          Lauren Algee Tracker

          Hi Chris!


          If you are a registered user you can see what pages you have contributed to on your profile page.  This page is currently very basic but does show pages you transcribed or reviewed, sorted by campaign and starting with your most recent contributions. We’re hoping to improve it soon, so please let me know any changes you would like to see!


          As you've noticed, we use a collaborative model of transcription, so others may work on a page once you leave it or once 10 minutes of inactivity have passed. Saving an item means that you have saved the changes made the transcript, not that you have reserved it. You can always return to that page, but you may find the transcription further along or even completed! If someone else is working on the page, you can choose to view it, but if you make any changes your work will not be saved.


          I hope this helps!