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    How can I find a transcript of Orie S. Fuller's testimony before HUAC?


      Orie S. Fuller was a member of the UAW who worked at the Willys-Overland plant who was brought before the House Un-American Activities Committee because of his reported support of Communists in the United States. Evidently, he was brought before the committee and interrogated. I would like to read and excerpt sections of his testimony.


      How do I obtain a copy of his testimony or view it on line so I can pull quotes and / or take notes?


      Many thanks.


      Bob Young

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          Legislative Archives Scout

          Hi Bob -- thank you for posting to History Hub!


          The starting point to locate testimony before the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) is in the published indexes: the cumulative (1938-1954) and the supplemental (1955-1960) are both freely available online via Hathi Trust. Unfortunately, I don't see an Orie Fuller listed in either publication.


          I also checked our listing of executive session HUAC transcripts, which are arranged alphabetically by witness name, and through the HUAC files on named individuals. Once again, I don't see anything on an Orie Fuller.


          There's also a combined cumulative index (1951-19712) for the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee (SISS) of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary -- which is a related committee to HUAC.


          Generally, the best resource for locating congressional hearing transcripts is ProQuest Congressional, in particular the Hearings Digital Collection module. ProQuest is a subscription database that may be available to you via a local academic or law library.


          Hearings can often by found freely available online through sources like Hathi Trust, the Internal Archive and Google Books -- particularly if you know the title the hearing was published under.